This mirror is a reinterpretation of the golden framed mirror adapted to the technologies of today.
The frame is made of turned beech wood partially covered by palladium leaves. An LED ribbon is hidden between the frame and the mirror. The light is reflected to the face of the person thanks to the concave frame. The frame is also touch sensitive, so that one can switch the light on just by touching it. The edge of the frame was kept blank to emphasize the work of the wood turner.

The mirror is covered by white gold leaf. Between the frame and the mirror there is a simple play of texture and light reflection.

Unique piece
Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 9 cm
Materials: Beech wood, palladium, white gold, LEDs, electronic
Organisation: EESAB, Association LAB, Galerie MICA
Realization: Prototype Concept , Tournerie du Plat d'Or, Atelier du Doreur,
LabFab Rennes, Elfrich Glez, John Lejeune, Lucie Le Guen


Exhibitions :
- London Design fair, The Old Truman Brewery, MICA Gallery,
22-25 September 2016
- Revelations, fine craft and creation fair, Grand Palais Paris, MICA Gallery, 10-13 September 2015
- Une partie de campagne, MICA Gallery, June 2015, Saint-Briac, France
- TransFormations, Centre Pompidou, Nov-Dec 2014
- Atelier#2 exhibition, MICA Gallery, Oct-Dec 2014, Rennes

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