Mercure lamp

This lamp is inspired by the mercury tilt switch, inside of which a drop of mercury switches the light on and off depending on its inclination.
When the lamp is tilted to one side, the marbles within slide towards the base. This connection between the two metals completes the current needed to illuminate the bulb. The movement makes the inner workings of the object visible. In the era of touch command it is necessary to understand the importance of the intention of gestures and how to best design for them.

Dimensions: 25 x 17 x 18 cm
Materials: Blown glass, steal marbles, LED
Organisation: EESAB, LabFab Rennes
Realization: Fluïd Création Verre, Bretagne UGV, LabFab Rennes, Lucie Le Guen


Exhibitions :
- Design Escales Bretonnes, Chapelle des Ursulines, Quimperlé, France, 2019
- ARTISANAT / INDUSTRIE exhibition, Jul-Oct 2015, at the Centre culturel ARCADE, in the Sainte Colombe en Auxois castle, France
- DMY International Design Festival, New Talent Competition, June 2015, Berlin
- DESIGN(s) exhibition, April-June 2015, at the Albert Bourgeois art gallery, Fougères, France
- Biennale Internationale de design de Saint-Etienne, Artifact#B, 2015
- TransFormations, Centre Pompidou, Nov-Dec 2014


New talent Competition Selected

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