Bathroom furniture designed for Lebon, a Czech manufacturer and producer.
This furniture was awarded during Designblok at Prague in 2012.

Our way of life has quickly changed. More and more families are reconstituted and students and young workers need to live together in the same flat. Their needs are more various in the home than before. Furniture should thus be able to adapt to these needs. The bathroom, usually a small, humid, and uncomfortable location, should be re-examined in order to transform into a place of leisure where people take care of themselves.

This set of furniture is composed of four main pieces which are fixed on a wall. The customer can choose the appropriate pieces and manner of installation as it pertains to his or her own needs and the space of the bathroom. Without any handles the cupboards and drawers open and close gently by applying a light touch. The birch veneer feels soft and natural to the skin.
Moreover, the user can combine the furniture pieces with the boxes, creating the possibility to modify and divide storage space as needed. This set of furniture can be adapted to large or small bathrooms.
A seat is often useful in a bathroom: waxing one’s legs, trimming nails, putting down cloths; etc. This furniture has been designed to encompass a stool, which can easily be pulled in and out.

Materials: Birch veneer, laquer
Organisation: FAVU, Lebon
Realization: Lebon

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