This fetish brings back the symbol of the primitive hearth in our functional living spaces. Three ebony sticks with copper ornament form together a tripod, the secular shape of a fireplace. As the tripod is assembly, a light appear at its centre. The fetish should be dismantled to lights off.
Lot of sacred objects are activated under specific rules (sacrifice, prayer, voodoo) by the hands of initiated persons only (selected men, shaman, priest...). Non activated, the object keep its strength and its mysteries hidden.

Limited edition (eight pieces)
Dimensions: 30x30x28 cm
Materials: ebony wood, copper, electric circuit
Clients: Association LAB, Galerie MICA
Realization: Tournerie du Plat d'Or, Publivue, LabFab Rennes, Lucie Le Guen


Exhibition :
- Revelations, fine craft and creation fair, Grand Palais Paris, MICA Gallery, 10 - 13 September 2015

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