The armchairs are the piece of furniture the most related to comfort in leaving room area, however they are the one that are discarded first in case of lack of space. Outside of the domestic context, the deck chair could be a solution to this problem. Decki hybridize the armchair and the deck chair, to mix comfort and elegance with compactness and foldability.
Decki is an indoor lounge chair, that offer a very comfortable version of the conventional deck chair. The structure made of hornbeam wood offers two back-rest angles and has an ingenious blocking system. The structure and the locking system of the deck chair are ennoble to well integrate in the living room area. The traditional canvas is replaced by a padded fabric that is hung to the frame. Laid flat, the fabric piece shows two large side flaps, which once the fabric is mounted on the wooden structure form arm rests.
Decki is also shorter and larger than a conventional deck chair. It can be flat stored. meuble dans le salon.

Dimensions: folded out-98(H)x89(L)x70(W)cm, folded up-18(H)x125(L)x70(W)cm
Material: hornbeam wood, steel, upholstery
Organization/Production: VIA asssitance grant 2016, VIA
Realization: La fabrique, Selaneuf
Photo credit : Colombe Clier, Lucie Le Guen


Exhibition :
Via design 2016, Galerie VIA
120, avenue Ledru Rollin - 75011 Paris,
du 15 janvier au 31 mars 2016

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